11 Acres in the Shape of a Pac-Man in Costilla County, CO For Sale

Contact number : 719-280-6514

Property Details :
11 acres in the shape of a Pac-Man in Costilla County, CO. What’s not to love about this property?!
Located in the San Luis Estates South subdivision of Costilla County, the property is high in the Rocky Mountains in the San Luis Valley. Mt. Blanca is the fourth highest peak in Colorado and its 14,345 feet of height offer stunning views to the lot.

Get this property for:
$300 as down payment
$295 per month for 60 months
$249 for filing the docs
The total price of the property is $18,000.

No liens or encumbrances on the property
No credit or background checks
No interests
No lengthy processes
Pay with credit card, debit card or money order
We offer a 90-day Money Back Guarantee under which if for any reason you do not love the land you will get your money back! No questions asked!

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