How to Enjoy Life in Palmer Lake For Sale

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Property Details :
Can you imagine owning land in a beautiful place, with a lake nearby, a constant fresh smell of pine trees and up-close mountain views? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get this property now without breaking the bank? Well, we have great news for you. Today, this is possible. And that’s a FACT.

Best of all? You can get these lots with owner financing, at 0 % interest and with no credit or background checks! Get one of these properties for $5,000 as down payment, $208.33/month for 48 months and $249 as doc fee.
More information on the lots:

Parcel number: 7104315052 – Size: 11400 sq ft (0.26 acres)
Parcel number: 7105429004 – Size: 5000 sq ft (0.11 acres)
Parcel number: 7105426034 – Size: 6100 sq ft (0.14 acres)
Parcel number: 7105426035 – Size: 5400 sq ft (0.12 acres)
Parcel number: 7105426036 – Size: 5600 sq ft (0.12 acres)
Parcel number: 7105426037 – Size: 6000 sq ft (0.13 acres)
Some of these lots are continuous with each other!
All are zoned Residential

Get one of these lots for
$5,000 down payment
$208.33 for 48 months
$249 doc fee

These are some of the benefits of buying land from us:

No interests
No credit or background checks
No lengthy processes
You can pay with debit card, credit card or money order
Do you need different terms? No problem! Contact us today and we will find a deal for you.

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